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Video Game Magazines List

List of video game magazines for information on video games, gaming industry, game players, game reviews, plying tips, and magazine website link.

    List of video game magazines

  • Cg Magazine

    Canadian magazine featuring news and information on video game hardware, comics and video games, and the comics and gaming industry.

  • egmnow.com

    American video game magazine published by EGM Media, LLC.

  • The Escapist

    Video game website featuring video games, gaming industry, gamers, gaming culture, and reviews.

  • Game Developer

    Video game developers magazine covering professional game development topics relating to programming, art, audio, design, production, and quality control.

  • Game Informer (GI)

    Leading monthly video game magazine published by GameStop Corporation.

  • Gamereactor

    Leading game magazine in Europe featuring video games, computer games, independent video games, and mobile phone games. The magazine published in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Italian, Spanish, and English.

  • Market for Home Computing and Video Games

    UK-based trade magazine focuses on business aspects of computer and video game industry.

  • Official Nintendo Magazine

    British and Australian video game magazine covering Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and Wii video game consoles released by Nintendo.

  • GamesRadar
  • PC Gamer

    Popular PC gaming magazine published monthly by Future Publishing.

  • Computing (TechRadar)

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